Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacation Part 2

Here are some more pics and videos of our week at the beach :)

One of the few times Fischer played in the sand (it was just too windy):

Family fun!

Pint-sized merry-go-round at the mall on a rainy day...Fischer loved it and cried when it was over!

His favorite spot to play...the foot-washer and sidewalk to the can see his trucks below him.

At least he loved the pool!

Fischer was pushing buttons on his toy until the right song came on, then making his puppy dance...he did this over and over, but we only caught one on one taught him this, he's just cute on his own!!

Some footage of Fischer playing in the was only calm enough to play a few can hear how strong the wind was, and the waves got much worse that week:

This is Fischer's "me-me" song...listen to him everytime I finish a verse:

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