Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little bump

Several of you have been asking to see a picture of me and my bump. Here's a few! Our camera is very old, so these aren't very good, but they'll have to do for now. We'll get a new camera before the baby's arrival. Wednesday will mark 20 weeks, or halfway there!! The due date is December 19 if you didn't hear that already. We are doing fine at this point. All the sickness is gone, the baby is kicking, and both mom and dad are feeling great!

It's a boy!

We found out on July 13th that we are having a baby boy! We are very excited to know this...not because we were particular about the gender, but because we didn't like calling the baby "it." Don't ask about his name, we only have ideas and they are top secret! I don't know for sure, but this picture looks like he is sucking his thumb!! (Just like his mommy did).