Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playing at the New Park

Auntie and I took Fischer to the new park in's amazing! It's huge and has 3 different levels of activities all throughout, plus some things set up for handicapped/wheelchair children's access (which also means little ones like Fischer!). We had so much fun. Here's some pictures, plus a couple of others from the past week:

Fischer & Auntie playing drums at the music station:

Two-seater see-saw:

Mommy, what is that and why is he looking at me?

Big boy sliding by himself!

Running through the tunnels:

Why won't she share her book with me?


We finished the evening at Auntie's with dinner and a cookie!

Ravioli face...yum!

I checked on Fischer one morning and found him watching cartoons in his wagon!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Daddy was changing some lightbulbs when Fischer got really interested in his ladder. He decided to climb it, and we decided to see how far he could go (with daddy close by to catch, of course). Keep in mind, Fischer is just 14 months old today...Here's what happened:

He's just getting interested here:

Taking the first step:

Still going (and no, we didn't help at all):

Almost there! - PaPa came in to see:

He made it! (we intervened at this point, he was going to go right over the top)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Sweet Valentine!

Fischer really liked his Valentine's lollipop - although he didn't know he was supposed to hold it by the stick - what a sticky mess! (He even rubbed it in his hair!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lots of Random Stuff

As usual, Fischer's been quite the cutie lately! Here's some random stuff from the past few weeks:

He finally likes to swing! (but only for a few minutes)

Playing with mommy in his pool of balls!

Trying to lick the bottom of a bowl of cool whip!

Do we have a future poker star on our hands?

The bathroom is being repaired, so baths are in the kitchen!

He loves lollipops - and doesn't want my help!

Someone's been in my tissues!

I know I'm small, but that's a big lab! (he weighs 110 - and he's not overweight!)


Check out this adorable face!
He learned to say "Uh-Oh"!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

He's Growing Up!

Fischer seems to turn into more of a little boy and less of a baby everyday. As a mom, it's sad, but very exciting too! He's turning into a regular comedian, and he loves to play "tackle" with daddy - he runs by his daddy and Dustin tackles him. He's trying to talk, but is very frustrated that we can't understand him. Here are some pictures and videos of all he's been up to lately. (FYI - he's not a pacifier junkie...but we make him keep it in when outside or he eats handfuls of dirt!)

Fischer likes to "help" daddy when he's wood-working!

He also likes to share daddy's blueberry muffins!

We were "investigating" nature - sticks, rocks, acorns, leaves...he sat for about 20 minutes just looking and touching everything! (that's a long time for a baby)

I have a workbench just like daddy! (see his little tool belt?)

Look at those big blue eyes!
Bouncing with Tigger!
Sneezing like mommy!