Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Fun!

Daddy has finally had some time off of work (including Saturdays!) to play, so we've been really busy getting in all the summer fun we can! Here's what we've been up to:

Eating corn...he's FINALLY learning to bite and chew (he's been a bit behind on that, even though he's had teeth since 5 months old!).

Playing in the fountains at Barnett Park:

Swimming in the pool at Great-Granny's park:

G-G knows that the way to a baby's heart is through a cookie :)

This is why we chose to take swimming lessons - no fear of the water at all...and he did this at the fountain AFTER we started lessons (press play):

Loving the fountains! (press play):

He thinks he's the one pushing this around...then shows his temper when it stops! (press play):

And just to prove that swim lessons are not scaring him or making him afraid of the water, here's what he did (over and over again) when we took him to G-G's pool Saturday for fun, even though he still cries at his lessons (press play):

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Portraits

It's been a year since we had family portraits, so we found the coupon and took the whole family. It's the first time Fischer wouldn't smile for the camera...mainly because he's so much more mobile and just wanted to run around...he took off out of the studio as soon as we said "okay" and Dustin had to chase him down.

By the way, we are not oompa-loompas...we do not have fake tans either. For some reason, when we scan the pictures, the color comes out a little orange. Here are the pics:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New and Exciting Things

Enjoy that car here in the that price, it isn't coming home!!!

Fischer wants to show you how he eats "with" a spoon :)

He was "playing" table tennis with daddy on the wii :0)

My First Haircut!!!

We took Fischer Wednesday evening for his first hair cut...we had no idea what to expect from him, but he was perfect! He loved sitting on the booster seat, he loved the buzzer (wanted to touch it first), and he sat still the whole time! We left his pacifier in just in case, but I don't think he needed it.

He loved looking at himself in the mirror :)

Daddy's staying with me, right?

Big boy buzz cut!!

All done! He thought it was funny when daddy blew the little hairs off his face :)
press play to see it in action:

Swimming Lessons

Fischer has started taking ISR swimming lessons...these are the survival-type lessons that teach a baby/toddler how to float and find the side of the pool if he falls in. We just started this week, but he's already doing so good! Here's a video of what he's learning him flip over and reach for the side of the pool, then pull himself up...(if you don't want to hear him cry, then don't watch...but don't worry, it's his mad cry, not his scared cry).

We've had to go back to 2 naps a day b/c the lesson are so tiring, even though they only last 10 minutes each! On the second day of lessons, I went to fix his lunch around 11:45, and when I came back to get him, found him like this:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look What I Can Do!!

I like to walk around in mommy's shoes :)

This is Fischer's favorite thing to do at Nana's house:

He's starting to talk! He mostly says one syllable words, or two syllable words with the same sound...we always record him talking or making sounds in the tub b/c it's the only place he'll be still long enough to record more than one at a time! Here are some of his words:

In addition to those words, he can also say I See, please (sounds like psss), Zeke (sounds like Jeje), Nummy (when he wants a snack), Papa, Nana, Ayee (Chinese for Auntie). While the words aren't perfect, he uses them with the right people or objects, so we know he understands what he's trying to say!

Now, to warm up for my solo...

Having fun on a hot Sunday afternoon!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Fischer doesn't feel good (teething)...but puppy and a cartoon make it all better!

This has to be the most exciting refrigerator ever! (it's at Leo's house)

Leo opening his birthday gifts from Fischer (a puzzle and some play-doh)


Fischer likes it best when the sprinkler is shooting him right in the face :)

I got cold mommy!!

Back in the water...Papa put some warm water in the pool for me :)

There's still nothing better than a drink from the hose!

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Stuff...

Fischer will finally hold our hands to walk around! But only when he wants to :) And he's really into giving kisses these days too. How sweet!

Here he is with Nana and Papa in the mall:

Mommy's flowers and cards from Sunday School:

Fischer colored it himself!

It looks like he wouldn't sit still for his hand to be traced :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Still Growing...

Cowboys and dolphins?

Zeke taught him how to drink out of his water table :)

I'm a cool dude!

That's just silly :)