Thursday, July 31, 2008

He Can Crawl!!!

Well, he finally did it! He has started crawling! It took him a little longer than we expected, but that's because he was so busy grabbing toys that he would fall over when trying to crawl. He's still slow, but he can go across the room all by himself now! Sometimes I have to entice him. He can also pull up to standing using my knees or arms, which he'd much rather do. Crawling is such a hassle for him!

He loves to get in his tunnel now that he can go by himself.

He loves his new big-boy bath!

So sleepy...

Here's his VBS picture...his shirt says "Surfer Dude"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mommy Is Funny!

Here's the sweetest baby laugh! (I'm not even really tickling him...he just loves the attention!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Little Ham!

This week was Vacation Bible School at our church, and Fischer had a blast!! It was a Hawaiian theme (Outrigger Island), so he dressed up for the occasion. He learned many things this week while mommy was teaching a 4th grade class...such as how to sit up real good, how to talk, and how to dance to music! There are several videos of him talking and two of him at the Friday night kids presentation...he's hamming it up while the pre-schoolers sing!

Here I am ready to go in my Hawaiian shirt and cutoffs!

Look how good I can sit up by myself!


The star of the show!

I love to do the motions and dance!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Family Portraits

We had family portraits taken back at the end of April. Fischer is 4 months old in these pictures...I know they are late but I wanted to share them because they are great!! (On my computer, I look orange in some of them...must be how they scanned because I'm not orange!)

Also, Fischer had his 6 month check-up last week...he weighed 19 lbs 12 oz!!! To us, he is a very big boy, but the doctor will not say that. He says he is right on track with growth in weight, length, and head size. He got another "A" for health from the doctor!