Sunday, July 26, 2009

He Can Count!!

As I mentioned before, Fischer has learned to count from 2-5 (I have to say "one" to start him). I finally got it on video! His voice is very soft, but clear...and notice I am repeating him, he's saying the next number on his own! By the way, I am not drilling my toddler with academics...he learned this from one of his favorite books and suprised us all! He also thinks he's saying the alphabet after counting, but he's not even close :)


Jamie said...

He's getting so Big!!!! I can't believe he's almost 2.I'm gonna have to come down to see you guys!

ladymann said...

Your little boy is so cute!!!!
--I went to school with Dustin and I saw your profile on Tabitha's page!
Brandi Kerr-Mann