Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chinese Jammies

We took some pictures of the boys in the Chinese Jammies that Auntie brought home the summer before Owen was born...they're so adorable!

I am NOT going to smile!

Okay, I'll smile like this :)

Owen trying to figure out how to sit on the stool.

This is Owen posing for the camera :)

So silly!

This is my button.

And this is my belly!

Playing peekaboo!

Got one to smile this time!

Finally, both of them smiling at the camera!!

Fischer really wanted his picture with the dog too.

I'm cute and I know how to use it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Glazer Children's Museum, Tampa

We have visited the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa before, but Owen was just a baby and Dustin wasn't on the trip with us. So we went back in November for some more fun! Here are some pictures of the boys having lots of fun!

Owen enjoying a climb on a starfish in the toddler section.

Driving the boat and making the fog horns blow (he loved pushing the buttons!)

Owen's dream world...a big tub filled with balls :)

Happy Henry's :)

Fischer and Daddy building downtown Tampa.

We love the big climbing apparatus!

Again, Owen enjoying a toy with some sort of balls :)

Fireman Fischer to the rescue!

Fischer was in the vet's office taking care of the turtle...he put all the animals in their crates, gave them food, water, and toys to play with, then he examined the turtle and gave him a shot and a bandaid!

Stage play...our superhero!

Ruff Ruff!

Ending a great day with a little climb on the playground outside by the bay!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thanksgiving Florida Trip


Yea! He made a basket!

Going fishing with Papa!

We caught a fish!

He stayed out for an hour and a half with Papa! We couldn't believe he lasted that long!

Making his new birdhouse with Papa and his new tools!

It's a pirate ship bird house :)

This is the way to eat sprinkles off a cupcake!

Loving his new Monster Jam crash set from Auntie :)

Owen's first Thanksgiving dinner! (and his last "first" holiday...he was born the day after Thanksgiving!)

Yummy :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

November Pictures - Miscellaneous

My knight in shining armour (thanks to Target's after Halloween 70% off sale!)

Very happy to have the sword to himself :)

My little chef!

He's happy because he's playing with a balloon...he's even happier because he stole it from his brother!

I found Fischer in the bathroom brushing his sharks' teeth!

Fischer was being really quiet while eating his McDonald's dinner one day (and he's never quiet!)...we came in to find this...a cheeseburger birthday cake!

This is Fischer's first time "singing" in church. I say "singing" because all he did was pull his shirt up to show everyone his belly, or turn around to watch himself on the big screens!

Sword fight!

Chocolate pie for daddy's birthday!!

Daddy often runs on the treadmill when it is too cold or too wet outside...Fischer wanted to join in!

Owen is finally walking!!!

A little bit of Fischer "singing" in church (sorry, it's blurry at first, but it focuses part way through).