Monday, July 20, 2009

This is the 100th Post!

Yep, this is the 100th time I have added pictures of my precious little boy! I have to quit calling him my "baby" boy b/c he's not much of a baby anymore! He is trying to say everything we say, even if he doesn't come close, and he suprises us with new words every day! He's better at sounds than words, but he's trying :) Oh, and he can count from 2-5 now (I have to start him with 1)...but I haven't gotten a very good video of it yet...he's hard to catch! Here's some fun pics from lately:
Fischer wanted this nice lady to help him down the step :)

Bubble bath beard! (he was trying to eat the bubbles, and came up like this)
Daddy's teaching him how to properly open his mouth for tooth-brushing:
Church picnic for the 4th of was hot!!

Fischer found my glasses, then managed to put them on he's watching his feet as he walks...I think it looked distorted to him, because he was walking funny!

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Kyle and Lindsey Marten said...

I love to see all the pictures! It makes me feel like we see each other once in a while, eventhough its been like 3 years! He is such a cutie! I cant wait until Pierce is that age, it seems like so much fun!