Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rest of June - Auntie's Visit

Okay, I'm finally back to blogging again and am REALLY going to catch up this time...I am determined! Here we are going back to the end of June/early July to Auntie's visit:

Reach for the sky! (notice he chose his alligator rain boots instead of his cowboy boots).

I'm cute and you can't resist me!

It was a long day...

Pool time!

Splashing is Owen's favorite pool activity!

Yep, I'm still cute!


I have a sweet face and I know how to use it!

Caught in the act of reading Auntie's book! (upside-down!)

Sprinkler fun!

Nothing like a cold drink from the sprinkler.

I wanna try!

Here, Daddy...let me wet your leg for you.

Best buddies already...and trying out Auntie's air matress every chance they got!

Traffic Jam!

Still irresistable!

Hmmm...wonder who bought him this shirt? :)

Dinner time!

Cool Dude eating his nuggets.

You can't see the screen in the photo, but Fischer loves playing Angry Birds on Daddy's tablet!

Thanks for coming to play with us this summer Auntie!!