Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name Frames

I've noticed a lot of people talking about these name frames lately that you can order off the internet, so I thought I'd show you that you can make your own for a whole lot cheaper!

I first saw the idea at the Strawberry Festival, but they were going to be around $75 each, so I decided to do it myself.

The first frame I made was for my dad for Father's day...I got the frame for $24.99 at Kirklands and printed the pictures I took in 5x7 black-and-white at Sam's Club (about $2.00 total). Plus, most of the pictures are from around my father's house, so it's more meaningful!

My dad's turned out the best...the W is a palm plant in his flower bed, the A is his sawhorse behind the shed, the first L is the corner of his flower bed, the second L is the seat on his boat, and the S came from a canopy at Sam's club (his favorite store!). This frame is actually brown, but looks black in the picture.

Since my dad's turned out so well, I decided to make them for the rest of the family...ironically, we all have 5-letter last names, so I didn't have to search stores for different frames!

I made this one for me and another for Dustin's brother. The H is the window on my cousin's camper (although I think I'm going to change it to a field goal post from a nearby school...I have found that those with backgrounds make better pictures), the E is from a wrought-iron gate at an antique store in downtown Lakeland, the N is from my dad's fence around the cow pasture, the R is a light post (I'm still looking for a better R as well, maybe a spigot?), and the Y is a tree in my parent's front yard. I chose the black frame for my house b/c it matched better, but it had gold "beading" around it, so I bought a cheap silver paint pen and turned them silver.

Finally, I did Jones for my father-in-law...The J is a fish scale, the O is a wagon wheel in his driveway, and the N, E, and S are the same as those above.

I think they turned out pretty great to be less than $30 dollars each, instead of $75 each! Hope you can use this idea yourself!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Auntie's Visit

Auntie came to visit us during her spring break, and we had lots of fun! Here's some of what we did:

We went out to eat the first night and decided to get Fischer a booster seat since he won't stay in a high chair's the only way he would use it!

Just chillin in the car on the way to Dallas, taking in some Nemo.

At the children's museum in Dallas, having fun in the water with daddy.

Showing off his smock (he still managed to get wet anyway!)

Checking out a chicken in the farm section.

Milking a cow!

He loves tractors!

My sweet little cowboy.

The firetruck had a slide out the back, which he LOVED of course!

What a handsome fireman!

Checking out his body heat...look at how hot his head is!

In his HAZMAT suit, ready to face the germ section!

The biggest sandbox ever! (digging for dinosaur bones)

Look at his little head looking up at the huge dinosaur.

He love the Echo tube...we had trouble getting him away!

Fischer and Auntie sitting on the tusks of a life-sized replica of a mammoth skeleton found in Dallas!

Checking out electricity.

Playing in the Galleria Mall after fun at the museum and a good nap in the car.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More From Easter

This is the Easter basket Nana sent Fischer...I had it hidden in the closet, but Dustin accidentally let Fischer see it, so he got it early!

Easter Sunday.

Having trouble getting our wiggle worm to sit still!

Daddy hiding easter eggs.

Fischer hunted about 3 of them.

Then dumped his basket all over the yard!

He thought "bouncing" was more fun :)

Cracking a confetti egg on daddy's head.

Grandma finally got him to pick up about 2 mor eggs.

But he'd rather bounce! (it was hot that day)

Taking a break
Riding his tractor.
Chillin with Uncle Solomon.
Taking another break, this time in Grandma's chair!
Red velvet cake as a grand fanale!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rylee & Corban

We got to keep Corban and Rylee for a few hours one day, and Fischer had so much fun with them! Here's some pictures from our fun afternoon:

The sandbox (or "sandcastle" as Fischer calls it) was the favorite outdoor activity.

(We did eventually put the roof on this log cabin!)

Rylee likes to pose for pictures...she brought me my camera and said, "Do you want to take more pictures of me?" :)

And "play" on the piano!

The Busy Ball Popper has always been a hit with kids...and Corban loved it too!

Grandpa Jack's Birthday

Grandpa Jack and Granna came over on St. Patrick's day for Grandpa Jack's birthday. We had fun showing them our house, and Fischer had fun showing off as usual!

Showing Grandpa Jack his birthday card that plays "I like to move it, move it"

Follow the leader.

Counting cars.

Learning to Spell

Fischer likes to play with his magnetic letters.

Look at that...he's starting to write words already!

Are you a big boy?

Great job Fischer!

Did you get that??? :)