Monday, February 18, 2008

The 2nd Month

On February 21st, Fischer turned 2 months old! It is very true when people say that it goes by quick. It seems that he does something new every day!! On his 8 week visit to the doctor he weighed 12 lbs 10 oz and was 23 inches long. The checkup was good - the doctor said he is "perfectly proportioned...not too fat or too thin." When doing the muscle tests Fischer put his feet down and pushed as if to stand; the doctor said, "Oh, we're doing that already? Aren't you a big shot!" After everything was done, the doctor gave him an "A" :)

He is very much the busy-body...he loves to see new things and watch people. He is a lot happier now that he can see well enough for other things to capture his attention. He was not at all pleased with being a newborn before (he was bored because he couldn't do anything). And he is very much his mother's child: a morning person and a people person (sorry daddy)!

Here are a few picutres from the last month:

Sweet during nap time......cranky when awake!

Mommy's precious Valentine.....and daddy's too!

The first dose of Tylenol didn't go so well....................bandaids from first shots (ouch!)

I love bathtime!...............precious first smiles :)

Happy in the morning..........cranky at night!

Taking Naps With My Daddy

I just love to take naps with my daddy!! He's really busy with work and graduate school, but he always finds time to spend with me every day :)
I can sleep in all kinds of positions:
bundled under a warm blanket...
curled up in a ball...
giving a big bear hug...
squishy faced...
dreaming of airplanes!