Friday, July 30, 2010

Hey Jude...

Dustin has been singing "Hey Jude" by the Beatles as a lullaby to Fischer since the day he was born in the hospital. Fischer dearly loves that song now, and often makes me sing it at bedtime, even though I don't know many of the words. Here's his rendition for the camera. (I know he has the verses mixed up, but it's still adorable!)

By the way...he is just sitting on top of the closed potty (that's where he sits to brush his teeth)...I didn't tape this during potty trainig :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Waterpark Fun!

We start out on the little slides that he can do by himself.

Then move to the bigger slides that we go down with him.

What a wonderful place for kids to play!

Relaxing on the lazy river with daddy.

July Fun

Painting in his underwear :)

An evening walk with daddy.

A trip to the dentist: lounging and watching Sesame Street while the lady prepares.

He actually let her clean his teeth!

He got wiggly towards the end, but a bribe of a new bouncy ball got him through!

Just being cute.

He loves the arcade at the mall...thankfully it doesn't take any money to entertain him!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Last of the Videos from Florida

Eating his "Birthday" cake with Nana :)

His favorite game with Papa...race cars!

Happy Dance on the beach.

More of the manatee.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Videos from the Beach

Trying out the Boogie Board with Nana.

Splashing in the ocean, playing with rocks and seashells, and ending with a nice burp!

This one isn't quite as exciting, but I love when he says, "Where's my noculars?" (he had been playing with Papa's binoculars on the porch...when I told him they were binoculars, he said, no, they're MY noculars!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Fun in Florida - Part 3

After our fun at the children's museum, we walked across the street to take a few pictures at the Park.

With Auntie:

Still loves to touch the water in the fountain.

I'm gonna get you Auntie!

Had to hold him down and tickle him for a picture with me.

The next day we went to indoor, air-conditioned, two-story playground. Love this place! Also wish we had one in Wichita Falls.

The giant ball pit is always a favorite (this picture only shows about half of it).

Attempting the zip line for the first time.

Auntie had to get up and give him a push.

Look how high we are mama!

He used to be afraid to walk through the clear tube.

More Fun in Florida - Part 2

Explorations V Children's Museum is one of my favorite places to take Fischer when we are in Lakeland. I wish we had one here in Texas, but I guess it makes visiting even more special for him when we are in Florida.

Practicing flying his jet.

Grocery shopping at Publix (the best supermarket in the world...Texas doesn't even know what they are missing. United doesn't even compare).

Picking out some bread and cookies at the bakery.

Working the register at the check-out counter.

My future news anchor.

Working the bank counter.

His favorite...the tree house.

My favorite...the orange grove/factory.

Holding moon rocks with astronaut gloves in the space shuttle.

Ready to fly away with Auntie!

More Fun in Florida - Part 1

Eating at Steak-N-Shake...Fischer is tracing his hand and wearing his hat sideways (he saw a little girl wear it like this, so he turned his too).

This turtle decided to lay her eggs right outside my parents house (they live near a lake).

We visited Great-Grandaddy in the nursing home (and his wife, Sarah) 84 years old, he still has every hair on his head. Jealous anyone???

Sarah showed Fischer how to move Grandad's bed up and down with the buttons. (Don't worry, Grandad is aware of what's going on and was smiling the whole time).

Playing cowboys with Nana.

In true grandparent-spoiling fashion, when Fischer said he wanted a piece of cake, Nana came home from work the next day with a whole birthday cake!

Great-Aunt Pam came to visit too.

Friday, July 9, 2010

It's A Boy!!

These pictures aren't great b/c I didn't have time to go anywhere to scan them yet (we don't have a scanner at home) I took a picture of the pictures with my camera instead! But I think you'll be able to make things out anyway.

Here's a picture of his giant baby feet :)

The only profile picture we could get was of him upside down...he was fighting the technician the whole time!

In this picture you can see his face (facing us) with both arms up by his head.

Here's the special picture showing it's a boy! (we're looking up at his rump with legs on top and bottom of the can see what's in the middle).

This is my 4 month pregnancy picture...about a week late. Poor baby already has 2nd child syndrome!

And just for laughs...when I checked on Fischer last night before I went to bed, I found him asleep on the floor! Apparently he had managed to push the railing away from the bed, then fall in between to the floor without waking up!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Nice Evening

After a big dinner out, Mama had to lay down for a bit, so Nana, Papa, and Auntie took Fischer down to the beach for an evening walk.

Fischer doing his happy dance:

The manatee were still out, and Fischer had missed them earlier because of nap time, so Papa showed him.

Look Auntie, the moon!

Here I come, Nana!