Wednesday, November 9, 2011

September Pictures

They love each other so much!

Fischer is always asking me to hold Baby Owen!

Grandma found this Transformer costume at a yard sale (he wouldn't wear the mask for the picture)...He wore it just about all weekend!

Owen was crawling from the living room to the front room, fussing the whole way, until he realized that halfway between was a toy he'd never played with before!

Having fun on the swing set together!

Working hard with his big brother's tools.

Painting pumpkins!

Poor Zeke...took a corner in the yard too sharp and sliced his side open on a fence. It's not as bad as it only tore the skin, no muscle, and barely bled. He didn't even yelp (we discovered it later and had to search the yard for the injury site).

Friday, November 4, 2011

August Videos

I may have shared this one of Fischer swimming already, but I wanted it to be with the correct month's update's when he learned how to swim by himself!

Owen is to bouncy balls what Fischer is to monster they're playing ball together :)

The best thing to do on a hot summer day!

At this point, he would NOT crawl! But he did still have fun :)


Sunday, October 30, 2011

August Part 1

I still haven't had time to get all the beach pictures from July, so I'm going ahead with my catch-up and bringing you August (beach trip will come later) are the August photos, with videos to come in the next post:

Fischer loves to go in his room by himself and "read."

We had Owen try on Fischer's first Halloween costume before it got too little for him...isn't he cute!

Here's a reminder of Fischer in this costume, October 2008

This is still cute every time!

First play-day with his good friend, Aaron...enjoying some grapes and goldfish!

They spent half the morning lining up all the monster trucks just right...they were very proud of their work!

They also decided to share some monster trucks with Owen :)

Aaron was fascinated with Baby Owen...he doesn't have a baby at home, so he wasn't quite sure what to do but stare!

He had to sleep with his new Ninja Turtle monster truck :)

2nd ER visit...for a CT scan of his head! (turned out normal)...playing monster trucks while waiting!

Apparently, Owen doesn't like whatever I just gave him to eat :)

He doesn't like it on this try either! (he's very expressive)

Monday, October 17, 2011

July Part 1

Most of the pictures taken in July were at the beach with my sister's will take me a while to sort through all those, so you may see other updates mixed in with beach pictures. However, I did have a few on my camera, plus a few from the rest of July, so here they are:

Happy Independence Day! His shirt says, "I'm A Lil' Firecracker!"

Ready for clown day at preschool! (he went to preschool for 3 days in Florida with my mother)

We can hardly get him to give us kisses, but he very willingly kisses the Cat in the Hat!


And now for some beach pictures:

Can't beat this view for lunchtime!

Yum...that was good!

Owen had his own little pool by the beach under the umbrella so he could enjoy the water and sand without getting burned.

He loved to go out into the water with Auntie!

Almost every time she took him out into the water, the rolling waves put him to sleep!

Heaven must look something like this...

Family Portraits - June 15, 2011

We finally had some family portraits taken since Owen was born! This is the best family picture we got...what I love about it is that from far away we are all happy and smiling, but if you look closely, Dustin and I are both holding the boys' arms down! For some reason, they both kept throwing them up in the air! At least they weren't crying!!

Sweet brothers!


I'm going to eat you!! (He was supposed to be kissing Owen on the head)

Fischer's weird "cheese" face, and Owen thinking, "what's wrong with him?"

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Rest of June - Auntie's Visit

Okay, I'm finally back to blogging again and am REALLY going to catch up this time...I am determined! Here we are going back to the end of June/early July to Auntie's visit:

Reach for the sky! (notice he chose his alligator rain boots instead of his cowboy boots).

I'm cute and you can't resist me!

It was a long day...

Pool time!

Splashing is Owen's favorite pool activity!

Yep, I'm still cute!


I have a sweet face and I know how to use it!

Caught in the act of reading Auntie's book! (upside-down!)

Sprinkler fun!

Nothing like a cold drink from the sprinkler.

I wanna try!

Here, Daddy...let me wet your leg for you.

Best buddies already...and trying out Auntie's air matress every chance they got!

Traffic Jam!

Still irresistable!

Hmmm...wonder who bought him this shirt? :)

Dinner time!

Cool Dude eating his nuggets.

You can't see the screen in the photo, but Fischer loves playing Angry Birds on Daddy's tablet!

Thanks for coming to play with us this summer Auntie!!