Friday, April 29, 2011

Florida Part 3 - Fischer the Fisherman

Fischer went fishing with Papa while in are some pictures:

My backyard view growing up:

Papa showing Fischer some snail shells (they were huge!)

Ready to go!

And we're off!

He didn't bother casting...just stuck it down in the water :)

We've got a bite!

What a nice fish!

Fischer wouldn't take his eyes off the fish for the camera.

Tired of standing.

Auntie and Owen were waiting for us when we got back.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Florida Part 2 - Toddler Park, Lake Mirror, and Hollis Garden

If there's one thing Lakeland knows how to do well, it is parks! There is a new toddler park downtown by Lake Mirror...Fischer spent the night with Auntie and then headed up there to play the next morning. I met them there to take pics and have lunch. Here are some highlights:

Peeking at Auntie on the Sailboat-climbing thing.

Digging in the sand pit.

And getting a little help b/c it's really hard!

I love this climbing gym/'s so cute!

A random duck to climb on (they also had a dinosaur and turtle).

Playing some "mus-kit" (music).

This is Lake Mirror, with downtown Lakeland can probably tell how it got it's name. The bridge-looking thing on the far side is called the Promenade (it used to have a room underneath for events, kind-of like a theater)...right on top of that is where Dustin proposed to me, close to Christmas time, at night with all the downtown Christmas lights reflecting on the lake one night.

Heading into the gardens.

Smelling the flowers.

I can do it myself Auntie!


Checking out the pond and waterfall.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Florida Part 1 - Children"s Museum

The Children's Museum in Tampa had this really amazing climbing aparatus's hard to explain, so here's some pictures to try and show it:

Auntie and Fischer inside.

Here, I am standing on the first floor, looking up at Fischer and Papa on the lowest level of the apparatus.

Again, standing on the first floor, looking up at it. It starts on the second level and goes up into the ceiling.

It felt like a giant spider web!

This is how we make a "double stroller" out of a single one :)

Heading to lunch with Papa.

This "sand" pit was actually filled with little tiny pieces of chopped up felt really cool, and didn't stick to your skin!

Just chillin with Auntie.

The highlight of the day was seeing the window washers on the high-rise next door...they're just strapped to these little swing-type seats!

This is how high they actually were:

Fischer really liked sliding down the fire pole!

Fischer didn't quite get that he was supposed to hide his arms too :)

One really cute fireman to the rescue!

Even though he loves the big-kid stuff, he still loved the toddler section too!

Nap time!

A view of the University of Tampa from across the river.

Fischer running through the sprinklers to cool off:

Auntie and Fischer by the river:

Owen staying cool in the shade.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Colorado Springs Part 3 - Cave of the Winds

We we spelunking one morning at Cave of the Winds while in Col. Springs...Fischer LOVED it, Owen slept through it :) Here are some pictures (they don't do justice though, it was much more beautiful than looks here).

This rope ladder was one of the original entrances to this part of the cave.

I don't think this part is natural :)

Some pretty formations:

Looking down at our group:

An 8-ft-long stelactite:

Daddy and Fischer heading into a narrow part of the cave:

An original Edison light bulb that lit the cave many many years ago:

More pretty stuff:

Daddy and Fischer with the cave behind them at the exit:

This cave was at the top of a mountain (not the bottom, like would be expected) we are on the balcony of the store/entrance: