Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!!

This was my first Easter service...and my last time in big church for a while (I'm headed to nursery)...I stayed awake the whole time and wanted to play!
My very first Easter basket. It had a card, some toys, and the only treat I am allowed to have...formula!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm the Cutest Little Puppy!

Here are Fischer's pictures in his cute puppy dog outfit that his Auntie Kala gave him, taken at 11 weeks old:

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The 3rd Month

Friday, March 21st marks Fischer's 3 month birthday! He is getting so big and still doing new things almost every day. He can now hold some toys, he smiles and laughs a lot, and he loves his blanket. We cannot get him to take a pacifier and he won't suck his thumb, but he squeals in delight when a soft blanket is rubbed on his cheek! (I guess we won't have any habits to break later on...lucky us!).

His two favorite things are still pooping and having his poopy diaper changed. He laughs when he hears the velcro being undone on the diaper because he knows what's coming next! Dustin also discovered that he loves the Beatles. When he's really fussy, Dustin takes him into the office and turns Beatles music on real loud, then makes the computer screen show the colors that Media Player will do...Fischer is entranced everytime!

He is an odd baby in that he HATES his swing and his carseat. In the swing he does what I call "mad baby": he shakes his balled-up fists in the air, holds his breath until his face turns red, and growls really loud! He will not sit in his travel system (the carseat attached to the stroller)...he has to be sitting up in the stroller to see everything...even though he can barely hold his head up! Dustin says he's an adult trapped in a baby's body. I agree :)

Here are some pictures from the last month:

Little boy in a big bed!

First bath in his big boy chair!

Tummy time!

Dedication at Kathleen Baptist Church

Papa and Nana love me!

Grandma came to visit from Texas!