Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inflatable Fun!

Here's some video of Fischer playing at Backyard indoor, inflatable play-place for kids! (we don't let him play with his pacifier in all the time...he was just getting tired and fussy towards the end):

He liked this big slide, but it was hard work for mommy and auntie to carry him up!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Texas Time!

Fischer and I went on a whirl-wind trip to Texas this weekend to see all of Dustin's family...we flew in on Friday, visited with the Jones family on Saturday, the Henry family on Sunday, a waterpark on Monday, then flew back Tuesday...whew!!

Fischer preparing to make a boat with Grandma at Lowe's (he didn't finish...he got scared when I walked off):

Playing cars with Grandpa:

More cars...still a favorite activity:

Uncle Solomon showing him how to make the dog bark:

He was tired here and didn't want his picture taken with Nanny and PeeWee:

What else would you expect to find in a Texas mall? :)

Fun with cousin Tara (but he wouldn't sit for a picture):

Notice how Fischer is in the middle, with everyone's chairs pulled up around him...the center of attention as always!

MawMaw and PawPaw (his great-grandparents):

Great-Uncle Gene and Great-Aunt Debbie (am I making you feel old yet?):

Great-Uncle Bill and Great-Aunt Elaine (sorry Grandpa Jack and Granna...I must have been packing up when you had your picture with Fischer):

Playing with Uncle Patrick at Castaway Cove:

Explorations V Children's Museum

We are blessed to have a children's exploration museum in town for good, indoor fun! Here's some pics of Fischer with all the hands-on activities:

Climbing into the hot-air balloon basket:

The treehouse for little ones only (I can't count how many times he went up and down those stairs!):

Flying a jet plane:

Grocery shopping at Publix-they have little carts and check out lines that beep when you scan items (he thought the tomatoes were balls and tried to bounce them!):

Ready for take-off in the space shuttle:

Reading the evening news:

Heading out to pick some oranges:


Here's some things that went on the end of July/early August:

Fischer's new favorite activity to do outside is to sit and put rocks in a bucket (he's fascinated with putting things in, pulling things out, and pouring right now)

Fun times at Funtasia (an indoor, air-conditioned playground!):

Playing with Great-Granny:

Cousin Emily came for a visit! (yes, they are reading a cookbook - Fischer insisted)

VBS program: