Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Back - June Part 3

Dustin's friend, Frank, came to see us with his wife, Kristen (we hadn't seen Frank in years!)...Fischer was VERY excited to show off for them...he took this picture all by himself! (hence the finger in the corner!)

Quickest way to make friends with Fischer...wrestling!

Fischer loved Kristen too...especially since she could make all kinds of playdough creations...much better than mommy's playdough balls! (I'm not very artistic)

We all went to the waterpark one day when Dustin had a day off of's Fischer having a mid-morning snack.

Owen taking a break with daddy out of the sun.

Me and my water-babies!

Going Back - June Part 2

What a happy mess!

Finally learned to sit up on his own :)

Pretending to be a monster :)

These are my two water-babies...they both LOVE to swim, take baths, wade, anything to do with water!

They love to play together too!

A very unfair sword fight :)

So happy with his big boy toys!

Yee-Haw! (he has boots, but I couldn't get him to put them on)

To infinity...and beyond!

This is what Fischer loved to do to Owen before Owen could sit up well...

This is Fischer's imagination...he made a jackhammer out of his guitar! (I haven't figured out how to turn it yet

Owen just loves his bath...and won't lay back in his bath seat anymore...he wants to splash!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Going Back - June Part 1

Fischer thinks he's so funny when he tries out Owen's things, like the bath seat :)

Fischer LOVES his Baby Owen!

Owen discovering he can play with big boy toys while sitting up!

Fischer finally decided this year to swim with a swim ring...that made pool time so much easier for all of us!

Relaxing with Uncle Solomon after a fun swim.

Owen hurt his arm and cried, so Fischer went to his Sesame Street doctor kit and got him a bandaid :)

He LOVES this thing!!

I can't help's cute every time he falls asleep in it :)

Owen thinks he's the cutest baby around! He always gives himself a kiss in the mirror :)

Fischer fell asleep like this on my bed for naptime...what a big boy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Going Back - Videos from April and May

Here are a few of the cute videos from April and May (don't want Owen to grow up feeling left out, even if I'm a little bit behind!)

Early in April, Owen learned out to roll over:

And Fischer learned how to use daddy's screw gun (daddy let him drill screws into the drywall)...

Owen learning to use his voice back in May (he uses it very often, and very loudly now!!)

Owen's first time in his Jumparoo:

Fischer singing Happy Birthday to his buddy, Aaron:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going Back - The Rest of May

I am finally starting to play catch-up with my blog...I don't want Owen to grow up feeling left out! I'm sure he already has second-child-syndrome anyway :) Here are the pics from the rest of May:

I am lion...hear me ROAR!!

Fischer's self portrait he made at Parent's Day Out (if you look closely, it includes the 2 freckles on his cheek!).

It's cute every time :)

Happy 3rd Birthday to Fischer's buddy, Aaron!!!

I will not lay back in this baby can't make me!!

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Jeri!! (in yellow)...and congrats on your upcoming new arrivals to Jenni (left) and Heather (right)...lots to celebrate!

It was a spa-themed party...Sabrina did most of the foot scrubs, except her own, and I painted toes :)

Watermelon toes!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011