Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Facebook Messages

We (adults) sang happy birthday to a friend at lunch today...Fischer heard us from his friend's room and came running out to find me. When he did, our conversation went like this:
Fischer, "Momma, I want birthday!"
Me, "You want what?"
Fischer,"I want birthday!"
Me, guessing, "You want some cake?"
Fischer, "Okay!" So I get him some cake and give him a bite.
Fischer, "Mmm, yummy birthday!"

When I go in Fischer's room after naptime to get him, he usually says, "hi!" Today, he said, "tsup, tsup" (what's up!). Where did he learn that????

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am currently playing around with new blog accessories and backgrounds, so please ignore anything that might look funny for a while :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yummy lollipop!

Reading "Puppy Love" from Nana.

These are the "flowers" I got Dustin...his favorite candies hot-glued to wooden skewers that I colored green and glued on tissue paper leaves.

His and hers flowers!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Before and After

The living room/add-on was our biggest project to tackle moving into this are some before and after pictures:

Before: Dark, dungeon-esque room from the 70's. Dark paneling, orange brick, dark cedar beams on a low ceiling.

After: Paneling removed, drywall installed/textured/painted. Beams and ceiling painted. Orange brick painted. Brown mantel painted black to match fireplace. 8'x10' rug placed over tile for soft carpet-like play area (please ignore toy mess and lack of decorations...everything isn't complete yet).

Before: Same room, other side.
After: not quite the same angle, but we made this side look almost as if it had a built-in office. Not pictured is the French-style doors we replaced the old sliding door with.

Snowy Days

We had a beautiful snowfall on Thursday...much nicer than the blizzard at Christmas. I don't know how many inches it was, but it fell very softly and covered everything just perfect. Here are some pictures from the day...sorry they're dark; I took them through the glass on the storm door:

The trees are my favorite.
I tried to get Fischer's pic in front of the back door, since he's sick and can't go out to play in the snow, but he wouldn't be still so this is the best I got.

Everyday Stuff

Daddy was stretching out before going to the Y and Fischer wanted to join in!

My boys trying out my new piano (it's antique!).

Drinking while sitting on the potty...kind-of ironic, isn't it?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Singing in the Truck

On the way home from church Sunday, Fischer was jabbering as usual, when we suddenly realized he wasn't just talking, but was trying to sing Jesus Loves Me! (He must have learned it in nursery, because I haven't sung it to him in weeks). Usually he only sings a line or two, then quits, but this day he kept singing and singing. So I finally got my camera out and started secretly recording him. I only got the last bit, but here it is:

You'll hear "weak and strong" as well as "yes, jesus loves me"

Now, here's what he did once he realized I had the camera out: