Thursday, March 1, 2012

November - Owen's First Birthday!

Nana rented this for Owen's birthday party...Fischer couldn't have been happier! It was rented from 10:00-4:00, but apparently the owner didn't have anything else going on that day, because he let us have it from 8:00-7:00! Needless to say, Fischer slept GOOOOD that night!

Fischer is taking pictures (backwards) of the party with his new camera :)

Nana filled the bouncy house with Owen's favorite things...balls!

Happiest boy in the world!

This is Fischer's friend, Eva who came to play too...she was the 2 month old baby in the stroller at Fischer's 1st b-day party, if you recall his pictures from 3 years ago :)

Break time!

Lunch time!

Presents!! He wasn't sure what to do with them...he was only 1 month old at Christmas :)

Brother decided to "help" him play with his new toys!

What?? Clothes?? Yucky!!

Thanks for the fun toy Eva!

It was a monster themed party...

Monster cookies (Auntie and Mama made these), monster cake, monster plates...even the beach balls in the bouncy house were monster faces!

The Henry family looking nice...

The Henry family the way we usually look :)

Ready for cake...hurry up and take the picture! (most of the people at our party were grown-ups...aunts, uncles, Granny, etc).

He wasn't sure what to do at first...

Finally taking a little taste...

Daddy helping him get going...while Fischer and Eva sample a little :)

Finally digging in a little more...

But what he really wanted was a spoon...then he really got at it!!

It was a very hot November day

Thanks, Auntie, for taking all these wonderful pictures of my birthday party!!

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