Monday, March 5, 2012

December - Owen's Dedication

Owen's dedication at our church was Sunday morning, December 18th, 2011.

He was all smiles as we waited in the hallway with the other families for our time to come in the service (and he kept trying to crawl/walk up and down the hall!)

We were the first of the 3 families that Fischer is insisting on standing on the same step as he did when he sang in church with Kids Praise a few weeks before...I tried to get him to come down, but gave up after a little while!

Pastor Bob speaking to us and the church about our role in raising Owen to be a man of God.

During the prayer, Owen realized that my good friend, Sabrina, was the one on the front row taking pictures, so he started smiling at her and the camera :)

Receiving a New Testament and a letter written by Pastor Bob to Owen for him to read when he accepts Christ one day. The two ladies behind him are Denise and Stacy, two of the most wonderful nursery/preschool directors a church could ever have!

The Henry Family! With Fischer making his typical goofy smile for the camera :)

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