Monday, March 5, 2012

December - Miscellaneous

We had the privilage of babysitting our neighbor's baby girl while they attended her daddy's work Christmas party...this is baby Ava and she is a doll!!!

Owen wasn't quite sure what to think of her...he pretty much kept his distance!

Fischer was so excited...ever since we had Owen, he has LOVED all babies! He told me he was going to help me take care of her. Here he's sharing a toy with her :)

Ava liked Fischer the best of any of us...he could really get her to smile and laugh!

Here he shared ALL the toys with her...she's buried under there somewhere! Don't worry, I kept a close eye on her and dug her out :)

Another fun day with one of Fischer's best friends...Aaron lives just down the road from us, so we get to have him over quite often!

Fischer pulled these down from the mantle and did this while Dustin and I were eating dinner...he thought he was sooo funny!

Annual visit to the Fantasy of Lights...My boys in front of the Peter Pan display.

It wouldn't be Christmas in Texas without seeing the cowboy on the covered wagon with his stuffed dog and teddy bear with Santa Clause standing guard while a panda rides a toy horse in the background!

The 3 Little Pigs was Fischer's favorite...we visited this display several times and had to sing the song all the way home!

Owen learned to use a spoon by himself :)

He loved to dance to the Christmas tunes :)

This video is just cute b/c about halfway through he sees the camera and says, "Cheese!" (it also shows what he likes to do with the alphabet magnets, which explains why they have been put away).

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