Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Going Back - The Rest of May

I am finally starting to play catch-up with my blog...I don't want Owen to grow up feeling left out! I'm sure he already has second-child-syndrome anyway :) Here are the pics from the rest of May:

I am lion...hear me ROAR!!

Fischer's self portrait he made at Parent's Day Out (if you look closely, it includes the 2 freckles on his cheek!).

It's cute every time :)

Happy 3rd Birthday to Fischer's buddy, Aaron!!!

I will not lay back in this baby seat...you can't make me!!

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Jeri!! (in yellow)...and congrats on your upcoming new arrivals to Jenni (left) and Heather (right)...lots to celebrate!

It was a spa-themed party...Sabrina did most of the foot scrubs, except her own, and I painted toes :)

Watermelon toes!!

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