Saturday, August 20, 2011

Going Back - June Part 1

Fischer thinks he's so funny when he tries out Owen's things, like the bath seat :)

Fischer LOVES his Baby Owen!

Owen discovering he can play with big boy toys while sitting up!

Fischer finally decided this year to swim with a swim ring...that made pool time so much easier for all of us!

Relaxing with Uncle Solomon after a fun swim.

Owen hurt his arm and cried, so Fischer went to his Sesame Street doctor kit and got him a bandaid :)

He LOVES this thing!!

I can't help's cute every time he falls asleep in it :)

Owen thinks he's the cutest baby around! He always gives himself a kiss in the mirror :)

Fischer fell asleep like this on my bed for naptime...what a big boy!

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Jennifer said...

Sibling love is the best! Soon, if not already, Owen will be imitating everything Fischer does! I hope you have enough monster truck toys.