Monday, August 29, 2011

Going Back - June Part 2

What a happy mess!

Finally learned to sit up on his own :)

Pretending to be a monster :)

These are my two water-babies...they both LOVE to swim, take baths, wade, anything to do with water!

They love to play together too!

A very unfair sword fight :)

So happy with his big boy toys!

Yee-Haw! (he has boots, but I couldn't get him to put them on)

To infinity...and beyond!

This is what Fischer loved to do to Owen before Owen could sit up well...

This is Fischer's imagination...he made a jackhammer out of his guitar! (I haven't figured out how to turn it yet

Owen just loves his bath...and won't lay back in his bath seat anymore...he wants to splash!

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