Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Super Bowl Excitement

At halftime of the Super Bowl, Fischer attempted to jump onto Uncle Patrick's big, cushioned ottomon, only to slip off and hit his head on the fireplace hearth. I was in the kitchen when it happened, so daddy picked him up to calm him. When they walked in to see me, I saw the big gash on the back of his head! So we left baby Owen with his Grandparents and headed to the emergency room.

He was a very brave boy...he had stopped crying before we even got to the car, instead he would just say, "My head hurts" or "Mama, I broke my head." By the time we got to the hospital room, he was laughing, playing, and trying to jump on the bed! Here are some pictures from the hospital (warning, I have a picture of the bloody gash before it gets if you get queasy easily, be careful!).

We didn't have to wait at all...they took us right into our room!

The bled a lot less than I would expect a head wound to bleed (thankfully, because I'm a fainter!).

Here the nurse is cleaning around the wound and applying a numbing gel to it (he didn't have to get shots to numb it...yea!).

The bandage to hold the gel in so he wouldn't rub it off:

We had to wait 30 min. for the gel to take effect...and since we had left in such a rush, I forgot to grab some toys to occupy this was our game: slide quarters down the bed!

Here the doctor is cleaning out the wound before putting in the staples...Fischer didn't like this too much, especially since daddy had to hold him down.

Tears :(

And now getting the staples (we're pretty sure he cried more b/c he was being held down, not the actual discomfort of the staples, although we know that part didn't help...he always used to cry when I would hold him down for vaccinations, but the shots themselves didn't really bother him!).

All done...and very proud! He keeps asking me to see this picture :)

These are not tears of pain...they are tears of "I don't want my picture taken!!"

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