Wednesday, February 2, 2011


On the morning of Feb. 1st, we woke up to a beautiful snowfall outside, the first of the season. The whole town shut down...schools, businesses, restaurants; so we all just sat around in our jammies and enjoyed the day!

The view out of our beautiful, new, energy-efficient windows!

Our backyard...the dog poop makes it even better!

Getting ready to play in the snow!

First steps!

Trying to get him to make a snow angel.

Still trying to show him how to do it...he was flapping his arms in the air instead of the snow!

Fischer's first snow angel, next to mommy's.
Here it is outlined, b/c it was hard to make out...

Trying to make a snowball (sorry about the finger print).

Our first snowman...Fischer is holding his hand (all his idea)!

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Jennifer said...

That is so cool! I'm glad he liked the snow. I'm not sure I would have lasted long enough to do all of those outdoor activities you fit into a single snow day.

Miss you!