Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching up Part 7 - The Rest of December

Here are the final pictures from December (with January and February still to come).

Owen and mommy napping on the couch...with Owen's arm around mommy :)

Happy birthday Sabrina!

Fischer's Christmas party at Parents' Day Out (he was sitting in a shorter chair...he's not THAT much smaller than everyone!)

This is Fischer's buddy, Aaron. They are in all classes together on Sunday, Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs! (we both attend First Baptist and send our boys to PDO at Faith Baptist)...everytime I tell Fischer we need to run "errands," he thinks he's going to "Aaron's" house :)


A picnic on a warm winter day.

Our sweet baby Owen.

First real bath (after belly button finally fell off)

Owen usually cries when he loses his paci (which is often!), but this one time I found him like this, just licking it instead :)

One of the few times I was dressed nice in the 4 weeks after Owen was born...we were visiting family at Dustin's cousin, Brian's house.

When my family was in town, Dustin and my dad replaced our old windows with nice, new ones...Fischer really wanted to help. He got his plastic tools and told us he was "workin' the windows" :)

This is what we call "scary clown"...Dustin made this mask back in high school, and Fischer likes to pretend to scare us with it.
Shaving with his new bath toy he got for Christmas...sometimes he and daddy shave together :)

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