Sunday, April 18, 2010

Name Frames

I've noticed a lot of people talking about these name frames lately that you can order off the internet, so I thought I'd show you that you can make your own for a whole lot cheaper!

I first saw the idea at the Strawberry Festival, but they were going to be around $75 each, so I decided to do it myself.

The first frame I made was for my dad for Father's day...I got the frame for $24.99 at Kirklands and printed the pictures I took in 5x7 black-and-white at Sam's Club (about $2.00 total). Plus, most of the pictures are from around my father's house, so it's more meaningful!

My dad's turned out the best...the W is a palm plant in his flower bed, the A is his sawhorse behind the shed, the first L is the corner of his flower bed, the second L is the seat on his boat, and the S came from a canopy at Sam's club (his favorite store!). This frame is actually brown, but looks black in the picture.

Since my dad's turned out so well, I decided to make them for the rest of the family...ironically, we all have 5-letter last names, so I didn't have to search stores for different frames!

I made this one for me and another for Dustin's brother. The H is the window on my cousin's camper (although I think I'm going to change it to a field goal post from a nearby school...I have found that those with backgrounds make better pictures), the E is from a wrought-iron gate at an antique store in downtown Lakeland, the N is from my dad's fence around the cow pasture, the R is a light post (I'm still looking for a better R as well, maybe a spigot?), and the Y is a tree in my parent's front yard. I chose the black frame for my house b/c it matched better, but it had gold "beading" around it, so I bought a cheap silver paint pen and turned them silver.

Finally, I did Jones for my father-in-law...The J is a fish scale, the O is a wagon wheel in his driveway, and the N, E, and S are the same as those above.

I think they turned out pretty great to be less than $30 dollars each, instead of $75 each! Hope you can use this idea yourself!


Just A Girl said...

I'm very impressed! I look at these all the time online! You are very creative for finding all the letters!!! Great job!

Kala said...

Just one correction...your wonderful sister found the frames at Kirkland's. :)