Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

After being frightened of Santa Claus, we were suprised to discover that Fischer LOVED the Easter Bunny! We've been to the mall 3 times now so he can see him (paying for pictures only once, of course!). We have gone on slow days, so with no one in line, they let him play for a while. Here's some of the fun Fischer had:

He gave the Easter Bunny LOTS of hugs.

He's posing for the picture...I don't know where he learned this!

Snuggling...he climbed up in his lap all by himself!

The official portrait:

Playing with the bunny...notice how the bunny points at the camera at the very end, so Fischer copies him:


Robin Verret said...

Those are so great. He is a real cutie!!

Amy Pye said...

What a good bunny! So cute, I love when they interact with people/things.