Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Auntie's Visit

Auntie came to visit us during her spring break, and we had lots of fun! Here's some of what we did:

We went out to eat the first night and decided to get Fischer a booster seat since he won't stay in a high chair anymore...here's the only way he would use it!

Just chillin in the car on the way to Dallas, taking in some Nemo.

At the children's museum in Dallas, having fun in the water with daddy.

Showing off his smock (he still managed to get wet anyway!)

Checking out a chicken in the farm section.

Milking a cow!

He loves tractors!

My sweet little cowboy.

The firetruck had a slide out the back, which he LOVED of course!

What a handsome fireman!

Checking out his body heat...look at how hot his head is!

In his HAZMAT suit, ready to face the germ section!

The biggest sandbox ever! (digging for dinosaur bones)

Look at his little head looking up at the huge dinosaur.

He love the Echo tube...we had trouble getting him away!

Fischer and Auntie sitting on the tusks of a life-sized replica of a mammoth skeleton found in Dallas!

Checking out electricity.

Playing in the Galleria Mall after fun at the museum and a good nap in the car.

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