Monday, September 21, 2009

Playing with Eva and Other Stuff

Fischer fell asleep on the bean bag chair just before nap time...he's never done this before...I always have to put him in the crib for him to sleep!

Anytime I wear my fuzzy, striped socks, Fischer insists that I give them to him to wear:

He got a new train set and he tells EVERYONE about it:

Eating ice cream for breakfast with Great-Granny:

We got to babysit Eva one night, and we had sooo much fun! Here's some pics and videos of the evening:

She loves Dustin the best (and the singing bear):

The difference between girls and boys...Fischer is bouncing and talking about cars, while Eva sits all pretty and kisses the teddy bear!

Eva started her own game of peekaboo with me...Fischer didn't understand why I kept asking where she was, so he finally pointed at her for me :)

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