Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kyleigh's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday was Fischer's friend Kyleigh's 3rd birthday, and we had a blast at her water party! It rained all morning, but finally cleared up enough after lunch that we could go outside and play. The kids were a little cold, but still had lots of fun. Here are some shots from the day:

The beautiful birthday girl:

This was a lot of fun!

What a cutie! (Madelyn)

Ready to go! (Annabelle)

This is fun!

Getting warmed up and tired out!
Fischer quickly figured out how to blow in the party toy, then we sang happy birthday (I only got the back of Kyleigh's head here b/c she was looking at her mommy and daddy the whole time):

Everyone sliding! The kids didn't like the sprayer at the top of the slide, so Seth had to keep pinching the hose so they would go down:

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