Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

We spent most of Labor Day at my mom and dad's house, where Fischer had LOTS of fun.

We call this "Soft-bowl"...Fischer hits the bowling ball off the tee, where it knocks down the pins...he invented it himself!

Books and Bathtime (notice Fischer is reading too)

Swimming with Papa:

Fischer was playing the piano for a few minutes, then got bored and went to his toys. We all clapped for his playing, so he immediately ran back to the piano for more...this is what he did once he ran back:

Reading with Nana:


Anonymous said...

Hi Minda!This is Rebecca from China.I'm so happy that I enter your blog at last and to see so many pictures of Fischer.How time flies!Fischer grows up so quickly!How are you now?I don't see your recent pictures.I miss you.

warm regards

Jennifer said...

Fischer is such a ham!