Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Fischer has started taking ISR swimming lessons...these are the survival-type lessons that teach a baby/toddler how to float and find the side of the pool if he falls in. We just started this week, but he's already doing so good! Here's a video of what he's learning him flip over and reach for the side of the pool, then pull himself up...(if you don't want to hear him cry, then don't watch...but don't worry, it's his mad cry, not his scared cry).

We've had to go back to 2 naps a day b/c the lesson are so tiring, even though they only last 10 minutes each! On the second day of lessons, I went to fix his lunch around 11:45, and when I came back to get him, found him like this:

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Jennifer said...

I might change my mind and do this just so we can get some more nap time out of Charlotte!

What is he mad about in the video?