Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Portraits

It's been a year since we had family portraits, so we found the coupon and took the whole family. It's the first time Fischer wouldn't smile for the camera...mainly because he's so much more mobile and just wanted to run around...he took off out of the studio as soon as we said "okay" and Dustin had to chase him down.

By the way, we are not oompa-loompas...we do not have fake tans either. For some reason, when we scan the pictures, the color comes out a little orange. Here are the pics:


Jennifer said...

Can I borrow your scanner? I need a bit of a tan!

Claudia said...

He is such a cutie cute..!!! And I love the pictures with his grandparents. Sorry, the girls will come calling one day...he is precious...makes me miss Isaac and Lealla more. LOL