Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Fun!

Daddy has finally had some time off of work (including Saturdays!) to play, so we've been really busy getting in all the summer fun we can! Here's what we've been up to:

Eating corn...he's FINALLY learning to bite and chew (he's been a bit behind on that, even though he's had teeth since 5 months old!).

Playing in the fountains at Barnett Park:

Swimming in the pool at Great-Granny's park:

G-G knows that the way to a baby's heart is through a cookie :)

This is why we chose to take swimming lessons - no fear of the water at all...and he did this at the fountain AFTER we started lessons (press play):

Loving the fountains! (press play):

He thinks he's the one pushing this around...then shows his temper when it stops! (press play):

And just to prove that swim lessons are not scaring him or making him afraid of the water, here's what he did (over and over again) when we took him to G-G's pool Saturday for fun, even though he still cries at his lessons (press play):

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Jennifer said...

So I know we'll see each other on Thursday morning, but maybe when my family gets back from our trip next week, we can go to Barnett Park. Charlotte has never played in the fountains (last summer I thought she was too little).