Monday, September 10, 2007

Still Growing! - 6 months

It's hard to believe it's 6 months already! The first half flew by so fast, but now the second half is going pretty slow...maybe it's because I'm moving around so much slower! (and it's really hot outside). Baby Henry is really starting to kick and move around now. I can see my stomach moving a lot, and he is even starting to respond to me pushing on him. One day he stuck is foot out and kept it there, so I pushed it back in with my finger, and he kicked me! He's already getting a little ornery! We are pretty set on a name now, but Dustin won't let me don't ask because I'm not good at secrets!

The baby's room is near completion with paint and furniture. Zoe likes to hide under the crib. It took a lot of work to make the old trailer room look new again - of course, I didn't really have to do the work, I just watched. Dad and Dustin bore the brunt of this project! But we are very happy with the outcome. The next step is to start filling it up and decorating a little. We're getting very excited! Only 14 more weeks to go :)

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Amy said...

Aww, the room looks great! I love the color choice and that dark wood furniture is ALWAYS a good decision! I'm so excited for you guys, yea for baby Henry! :)