Sunday, August 12, 2007

5 months and counting!

Tuesday the 14th marks 5 months now! Only 4 more to go. December seems so far away, yet so close at the same time! I am definitely getting bigger...but only in the belly so far :) He's still kicking, but he's a pretty calm baby so far. He kicks hard, but not often. Maybe he'll have Dustin's calm personality...that would make a very easy baby to take care of!

We are starting to get the baby's room ready, although that just means adding drywall and scraping off wallpaper right now, so the room is not so cute yet. But it will be! We have picked out furniture and colors and bedding, so it's getting more real each day. The dogs seem to think they are helping...they sit in the middle of everything. I think they wonder why we are spending so much time in the room was our junk room before and we never went in there. They sniff every baby item I bring home, and they often sniff my belly. They know something is different!


Amy said...

Aww, you have a baby bump! How exciting! Thanks for making this blog to keep me updated, now I won't have to bother you with 900 questions! :)

Uganda Report said...

Hello from Africa..great pictures and they made us miss you and your family so much. This is so exciting..and we are thrilled for you all and Billy and Sheila. Boys are great. Keep those pictures updated in same pose. You look like Janet all baby...that is good except the last 2 months but better than fat...I was fat. WE love you, Danny and Claudia