Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Texas Baby Shower

Here are some pictures from my Texas baby shower. Dustin's mother, stepmother, aunt, and a friend helped put this together while we were visiting last week. We had a wonderful time and I received many precious gifts for our little boy!

This is Tabitha, a good friend of ours who helped at the shower.

Below on the right is Dustin's Grandmother, "MawMaw".
Below on the left are Donna and Casi, Dustin's Aunt and Cousin who helped with the shower. On the right is his mother, Bee, and Grandmother, "Nanny".

I am so thankful to all of you who came and enjoyed this special time with me!


Amy said...

That's so sweet of them to throw you guys a shower! How fun! I bet you got some of the smallest cutest gifts around. I'm so happy for you guys!! YEA BABY! :)

Uganda Report said...

great... i like bigger pictures...i'm old ... we are so excited for all you guys ... it was good to see some pictures from Dustin's family ... it seems like so long ago we were celebrating your marriage ... we love you guys and continue to pray God's very best...


Jamie Neuenschwander said...

HI!! I'm so glad i can leave comments now. I tried once but it wouldn't let me.
You looked like you had a blast, and got lots of fun stuff! I can't wait to come down and see you and meet the baby (even if hes still in your tummy). When will you tell his name? Are you waiting for his birth? Thats sometimes a good idea. I hope all is well. Give me a call sometime!
Love you lots

Dextra said...

Good words.