Monday, February 13, 2012

October Pictures

I made a diaper cake for my friend Jenni's baby shower...I just had to post it b/c I was so proud of myself (I'm not very crafty!). Youtube helped a lot! I even found a way to make it w/o rolling every single diaper!

Fischer playing Monster Trucks in the mud pit at Grandma's his underwear :)

Owen likes to sit in the basketball goal and have the balls land on his head! (It's a pool toy)

I know I've shown this a bunch of times, but it's still so cute!

There's nothing better than cookies and Capri Suns with a friend!

I finally found a way to get Owen to eat without fussing the whole time...I'm not extremely proud of it, but you gotta do what you gotta do!!

Trying on his new pirate costume that Nana made him for Halloween...he's so excited!

Bathtime bubbles for brothers!!

Owen was VERY happy to sit facing forward in the car! (and we were happy he wasn't screaming all the time anymore!)

The boys were all sick around this time, so we never got to visit a pumpkin we are picking out our Halloween pumpkin at Home Depot...they're still cute anyway!

Owen is ready to carve his first pumpkin!

Scooping out pumpking guts in the cold weather...Fischer was just playing around, and Owen was just getting muddy, so mommy did most of the work. (Daddy was grilling dinner)

So happy to be covered in mud!

Happy Halloween! We went trick-or-treating at Grandma's work and found her dressed like this! She won their costume contest :)

The Pirate and his Parrot are ready for some Halloween fun!

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Jennifer said...

That diaper cake is super impressive! I think any mom would prefer the unrolled kind because it leaves the diapers easier to use.

And of course, all the pictures of Owen and Fischer are adorable. Glad to see you have adjusted to life in TX so well. :)