Friday, February 17, 2012

November Pictures - Miscellaneous

My knight in shining armour (thanks to Target's after Halloween 70% off sale!)

Very happy to have the sword to himself :)

My little chef!

He's happy because he's playing with a balloon...he's even happier because he stole it from his brother!

I found Fischer in the bathroom brushing his sharks' teeth!

Fischer was being really quiet while eating his McDonald's dinner one day (and he's never quiet!)...we came in to find this...a cheeseburger birthday cake!

This is Fischer's first time "singing" in church. I say "singing" because all he did was pull his shirt up to show everyone his belly, or turn around to watch himself on the big screens!

Sword fight!

Chocolate pie for daddy's birthday!!

Daddy often runs on the treadmill when it is too cold or too wet outside...Fischer wanted to join in!

Owen is finally walking!!!

A little bit of Fischer "singing" in church (sorry, it's blurry at first, but it focuses part way through).

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