Monday, September 13, 2010

The Wedding

On Saturday, we drove to Orlando for my cousin's wedding at a beautiful mansion on a lake. I don't have any pics of the ceremony, because it was outside and with the pregnancy I was just too hot and had to come in. But here are some pictures from the reception:

Fischer with my cousin Emily (groom's older sister) and her husband Stephan (the scraggly beard is due to his upcoming deployment...I think he'll blend in nicely!).

Fischer quickly became best buds with my cousin Austin (groom's youngest brother).

He snuggled with Austin during Nathan's best man sermon...I mean speach! (just kidding Nathan, it was beautiful).

Then they made funny faces for everybody :)
For some reason, this is the only picture I got of my cousin Nathan, preparing for the best man speach. Sorry Nate!

Fischer and the happy couple: My cousin Matt and his beautiful new bride, Rich. (BTW - Rich is Phillippino, so the guy's shirts are the traditional barong of her country).

Another great picture of my wonderful cousins.

As usual, Fischer enjoyed the cake! (with his dinosaur, of course).

This is a shot of the mansion we were looked like a Disney resort...only the Disney resorts look very fake, and this was obviously real! Everything was hand-made in the Phillippines, then shipped over here, along with the workers to assemble them!

The lagoon-style pool.

The world's largest birdcage?

We walked down the dock to the lake for some sunset pictures:

And here is some true Florida natural landscape...most lakes are surrounded by cypress swamps, hence the long docks required to reach the water. I think they are very beautiful at sunset.

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