Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More Fun in Florida - Part 1

Eating at Steak-N-Shake...Fischer is tracing his hand and wearing his hat sideways (he saw a little girl wear it like this, so he turned his too).

This turtle decided to lay her eggs right outside my parents house (they live near a lake).

We visited Great-Grandaddy in the nursing home (and his wife, Sarah) 84 years old, he still has every hair on his head. Jealous anyone???

Sarah showed Fischer how to move Grandad's bed up and down with the buttons. (Don't worry, Grandad is aware of what's going on and was smiling the whole time).

Playing cowboys with Nana.

In true grandparent-spoiling fashion, when Fischer said he wanted a piece of cake, Nana came home from work the next day with a whole birthday cake!

Great-Aunt Pam came to visit too.

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