Friday, July 9, 2010

It's A Boy!!

These pictures aren't great b/c I didn't have time to go anywhere to scan them yet (we don't have a scanner at home) I took a picture of the pictures with my camera instead! But I think you'll be able to make things out anyway.

Here's a picture of his giant baby feet :)

The only profile picture we could get was of him upside down...he was fighting the technician the whole time!

In this picture you can see his face (facing us) with both arms up by his head.

Here's the special picture showing it's a boy! (we're looking up at his rump with legs on top and bottom of the can see what's in the middle).

This is my 4 month pregnancy picture...about a week late. Poor baby already has 2nd child syndrome!

And just for laughs...when I checked on Fischer last night before I went to bed, I found him asleep on the floor! Apparently he had managed to push the railing away from the bed, then fall in between to the floor without waking up!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for explaining the boyhood picture! I totally get it now - ALL BOY!

And I'm shocked you don't have a scanner, being such a techy family and all!