Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camp Doris

Here's some pictures from our weekend camping trip to Camp Doris in the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma...the trip was good, but would have been a lot better if it hadn't rained the whole time!

Deer walking through the campsite when we arrived.

Fischer tried to catch it.

Patrick cooking burgers over the campfire in the rain.

Playing "sandcastle" in the dirt.

Filling the dump truck with dirt...every little boy's dream!

A muddy mess, and loving it!

Fischer stole the umbrella from us...he could barely hold it up!

Hanging out in the hammock under the canopy.

This isn't a great picture of the buffalo, out the truck window in the rain, but it's the best I got on the trip.

A view of the Wichita Mountains out the truck window.

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