Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Boy Bed and New House Stuff

We finally turned Fischer's crib into a toddler bed...he loved it!

He made both daddy and me try it out with him :)

Fischer's monster-themed bathroom is almost complete...just a few minor things still needed.

I painted this picture to match the monster bathroom decor we found at Target.

Here's the monster decor from Target...I love the toothbrush holder!

I've been working on my bathroom too...these are bronze, even though they look black in the picture.
The door to the bathroom is at a difficult angle to get a picture of the whole room at once, so here's the shower curtain...it's brown micro-suede.
A poor attempt at trying to get the rest of the bathroom in the picture...here's the brown rug.
Since most of the bathroom is now brown and white, I used the towels to put color into it. Here are the six I chose...in real life color they are grey, wine red, smokey blue, brown, green, and rusty orange.
Here's the newly refurbished chair Bee got me for my birthday. She found a sturdy but old wing-back chair and I picked out the fabric to have it re-upholstered. It looks great and is quite comfy!

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