Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Strawberry Festival

Those of you in Lakeland know all about the Strawberry Festival, and those of you in WF have heard me talk about it by now, so here are some pictures of our fun day!

Fischer LOVED the carousel the best...he smiled the enitre ride and laughed out loud everytime we saw Papa, Nana, and Auntie waving.

The train ride was fun with Auntie at this point...then he decided he was "all done" and it was all Auntie could do to keep him in the train until it stopped!

My little strawberry prince!

He wouldn't let Auntie and me sit in the strawberry with him...he pushed us off, so we had to stand beside him for a picture.

He wasn't so sure about this guy (but he was really tired at this point...he had enjoyed their music earlier).

His favorite part is always the big machinery.

So tired after so much fun!

I don't have any pics of him seeing the livestock, but it was the day they were judging rabbits, roosters, and goats. While walking through, he turned to Auntie and asked, "Where the monkeys?" (I think he thought we were at the zoo)!
Thanks Troy, Andi, and Eva for letting us borrow the stroller...he never would have been able to nap in the umbrella stroller, and probably would have been sunburned as well!

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