Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun at Funtasia and with Eva

Funtasia is a huge indoor (airconditioned!) playground at the Family Fun Center in Lakeland. Fischer LOVES this place. I still have to crawl in with him, b/c he had no fear at all, but it's lots of fun.

Look how high I am Nana!

Slow down...wait for Momma!

Slides are his favorite.

He still enjoys the under 3 section, even though he likes the big kid stuff (and it gives mommy a chance to rest!).

Checking out the video games before we leave.

Here's Eva, getting bigger and more beautiful each time we see her!

After she got her bangs cut.

She and Sammie enjoyed lots of kisses!

Giving her hugs before leaving.

And kisses too!

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