Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving in Florida

We came back to Florida for the week of Thanksgiving and had tons of fun! Here's some of the highlights of the week:

Riding the train in the mall:

Playing at the park with Charlotte (she's as much of a monkey as Fischer!)

Taking the orange rinds to the cow with Papa

Out of all his new toys, his favorite was the box (of course!)

This is as close as he would get to Santa...he did give him a high-5

With Auntie in Macy's

At Steak-N-Shake eating his favorite food - french fries with ketchup!

Washing dishes (and the chair, and the floor, and his clothes...)

Visiting Great Grandaddy (or P-daddy as he said it) in the nursing home

He liked driving his cars on P-daddy's blanket

The first time he said "cheese" for a picture :)

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