Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas - Snow Day - Part 1

It's both Christmas day and the first snow day ever for both Fischer and me! Yesterday it was a blizzard around here and dropped about 8 inches of snow, but many of the drifts are waist deep. Today it was beautiful and sunny, but still cold enough for the snow to stick, so we took advantage of it! Here are some pictures of today...I plan on adding more later, but it's late and I'm tired from all the enjoy these for now! (oh, and we don't have very many Christmas pics from home b/c my camera is still stuck in the car on the side of the road about 20 miles out of town...the few Christmas pics I have were taken with our video camera...the snow ones were with my mother-in-laws camera, so I was able to take more...I'll tell you about our "adventure" with getting stuck in the snow next time).

Texas does not have hills, but luckily my in-laws live at an overpass (I'm standing in there front yard taking this pic, so we didn't have to go far for some great sledding!)

Dustin took Fischer for a run...the snow was too thick and powdery for a sled, so we're using cardboard!

My turn to take Fischer for a run!

My first snow angel! (actually, it was my second...Fischer ran through my first!)

Happy snow day and Merry Christmas!

Our house in the snow:

Our backyard:
My car:

Dustin's truck:

Fischer got a Radio Flyer tricycle from Nana for Christmas:

But the playdough set was one of the favorite gifts...he played all morning with it!

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Kyle, Lindsey and baby Pierce said...

Great pictures! I just got caught up on everything! I look at the blog frequently - just dont always leave comments. I know how you feel though, I always wonder if I am posting for no one....